Anne Kathrine Kalager

8 December 2020 | Leonardo Royal London

Industry expert

   Anne  Kathrine Kalager

Anne Kathrine Kalager

Follo Line Project, Bane NOR , project manager for the tunnel-section

Mrs. Kalager holds a Master of Science degree in geology from the University of Oslo. She joined the National Rail Administration in 1987 and has for more than 30 years been in charge of several tunnel-projects of national importance. The Follo Line is a new double line railway from Oslo, through what will become the longest railway tunnel in the Nordic countries, to the public transport hub at Ski. This is currently the largest construction project in Norway and forms the core part of InterCity development southwards from the capital. Mrs. Kalager is Project Manager for the tunnel-section, where the northern 1.5 km has been excavated by a combination of drill and blast and drill and spit methodology. The main part of the tunnel, 18.5 km, has successfully been excavated by four TBMs operating from one centrally located access-point. 

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