Chris Pressdee

8 December 2020 | Leonardo Royal London

Industry expert

  Chris  Pressdee

Chris Pressdee

Fugro , director tunnelling & underground spaces

Chris is an engineering geologist who is passionate about characterising the geospheres beneath our cities to manage ground-related risks and improve the performance of underground engineering projects. He has worked with several world-renowned geotechnical specialists and successful global organisations including Coffey, SMEC and Fugro in offices throughout the UK, Australia and Canada. Currently he is the Tunnelling and Underground Space Lead for Fugro in Europe and sits on the BTS Committee, where he supports the Awards and Medals, and Education subcommittees. 
Chris caught the ‘tunnelling bug’ in 2009 when he had his first opportunity to enter a tunnel under construction in Toronto and realised this was the profession to which he belonged. He had previously worked on some interesting tunnel projects but after Toronto he truly became fascinated with all aspects of tunnelling and decided to dedicate his career to the subject.
Chris is also an active campaigner for tackling mental health issues in the workplace and this year he cycled from Falmouth to Bremen in Germany to raise awareness and deliver workshops to address what is a critical issue for many people working in engineering and construction.


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