Stuart Crooks

Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, London
6 December 2018

Industry expert

 Stuart Crooks

Stuart Crooks

Hinkley Point C , managing director

Stuart began his career as a 16 year-old electrical apprentice working on installations  and maintenance of equipment. He joined the nuclear industry after completing an  apprenticeship in 1986 at Heysham 2, working with the team on the installation and  commissioning of the main computer control and protection systems. Following  completion of his qualifications in electrical engineering he later graduated in Applied  Physics after completing an honours degree at Manchester Polytechnic. He then went  on to complete an MBA at Lancaster University - all part time while enjoying a career at  Heysham 2 where he progressed through various engineering roles.

Following a spell in international business development associated with the acquisition  of nuclear power plants in the USA, he returned to the UK at Dungeness B undertaking  a variety of operations and engineering roles before being appointed as Deputy Station  Director. Stuart spent five years as Station Director at Hartlepool Power Station, leading  several substantial engineering projects to restore the plant to operational service.  Following the return to service of the units in 2009 he was appointed Safety and  Technical Director. This was followed by being appointed Chief Technical Officer of the  EDF Energy nuclear fleet in the UK, before taking over as MD Generation on 1 Jan  2014 responsible for the EDF Energy fleet of nuclear, coal gas and renewable assets. 

Stuart is now the Managing Director of Hinkley Point C, and has held this post since the  8th September 2017, reporting to the CEO of EDF Energy.   

Stuart has been married for the last 31 years and has three children and four  grandchildren.


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