Why enter

The NCE Tunnelling Conference & Awards is your chance to come together as a community, recognise your and achievements of your peers and network with the best in the business. Held at Hilton Bankside, London on the 7 December 2023, this is a perfect evening to round up your year celebrating with your team!

The portal for submitting your entries is now closed. Good luck with your entries!

Winning a NCE Tunnelling Award not only provides you and your team with the recognition you deserve, but also a host of other benefits that you might not realise:


Be recognised by clients and the entire industry as one of the leaders in the tunnelling sector.

Brand awareness

Benefit from sharing your achievements with our independent judging panel. The panel consists of industry clients and leading experts. Increase your brand awareness across the industry and receive unprecedented exposure from New Civil Engineer coverage online and in the magazine.

Thought leadership

Promote your business as a champion of innovation and gain increased exposure during the entire event.

Employer of choice

Promote your firm as a truly great place to work and showcase your position as an employer of choice leading the charge tunnelling.


The NCE Tunnelling Awards 2023 will have a panel of judges representing leading clients, academics, designers and contractors who will review your entry online before discussing together who the winner should be.

Each stage is designed to provide a fair and transparent process. Please note if you are chosen as a finalist by our judges you will need to present to our judging panel. The final dates per category will be published soon.

Stage 1: Online Judging – once the entry phase closes, the judges will review online and score each submission to determine the shortlist.

Stage 2: Finalists for the majority of categories will be judged via closed roundtables, based entirely on the written entries, so do include supporting evidence.

Live Presentations at the event:

As part of the programme for 2023, the shortlist for following categories will be judged live during the conference ahead of the evening awards:

  • Award for Project Legacy & Social Value
  • Innovation in Shaft Design & Construction
  • Innovation in Tunnel Design & Construction

If you are planning to enter these four categories, for the best chance of winning, please make sure you can be at the event .

The shortlists for the other categories will be judged by closed roundtables by our judges.

Top tips

This is your chance to tell your story. All good stories have a structure so whether you are submitting entries for outstanding projects or as a trailblazing leader, remember to structure your entry along the following lines:

  • Beginning: How did your innovation come about, what challenges were you trying to overcome or when did you decide to embrace a change/technology?
  • Middle: What did you do to implement the innovation? Give examples demonstrating why you stand out 
  • End: What were the results and what makes you or your project stand out?

To ensure that your submission is your best work, take a look at our hints and tips below before you start your entry:

  • Make a note of the deadline: you must submit your entry by 28 July so make sure you have this date in mind – write it in your diary or on your calendar, or set notifications on your phone to ensure you don't miss the chance to enter your excellent work 
  • Preparation is key: now that you know the deadline, allow yourself plenty of time to write, develop and submit your entry – coming back to it with a fresh pair of eyes can help you remember important details that may make the difference between being shortlisted and just missing out
  • Make the judges' job easy: write in clear, plain English, avoid too much jargon and use bullet points where appropriate to break up the text 
  • Pay attention to grammar and spelling: poorly presented entries lack credibility so don't lose out on being shortlisted on something you could have easily avoided 
  • Involve the right people: if your work was a team effort, involve the other team members in developing the entry – you've got this far through teamwork so make it count 
  • Back up your entry: take advantage of the option to include supporting information with your entry to help the judges understand the impact of your work

Proofread: ask someone else, such as a colleague, friend or manager, to look through your entry before you submit. It can be helpful to ask someone who was not directly involved in the work you are entering – like the judges they will not have detailed knowledge so they may suggest ways to clarify your entry



If you register your details on the site an account will be created for you and you will then be able to view the questions for entry. There are only two pages of questions, so you do not need to proceed through multiple pages. There is no obligation to enter after registering.

Enter the email address and password that you used when you first started your entry on the log in page, you will then be taken through to your dashboard and will be able to continue your entry.

When leaving your entry to return to later, please ensure that you click "Save". If you have not clicked save you will need to log on through the "Enter Now" button. We would advise completing your entry in word first before copying and pasting into the entry form

Your entry may have timed out. We would recommend that you save every 10 minutes while going through the entry process. Alternatively write out your answers in a word document and then copy and paste your answers in to the correct question space. If you are leaving the page for any length of time, please ensure that you click "Save".

You can enter another category by selecting the category you wish to enter from the ‘Categories’ section.

Please contact Giorgia Raso on +44 (0)20 3953 2118, email giorgia.raso@emap.com or book a phone call with Giorgia and they will be able to help you with your entry.